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Specialty Branding

While every project we work on here at Graphitek is custom, we have worked on some very unique speciality branding products that set us apart from the rest.

Go ahead, be different.

We love a challenge, and have a long history of happy customers who have trusted us with great success on products that fall outside the realm of stock branding. It’s this history that alleviates the worry from customers when they dare to be different.

Here are just a few of the speciality branding products we’ve created:

  • Full Wrap on an F16 Jet
  • Full Wrap on a Double Deck Bus
  • Weber Barbeque Grills
  • Gumball Machines
  • Skis, Snowboards, and Surfboards
  • Quarter Pipe Bus for Amp Energy
  • TV Remotes
  • Ping Pong Tables
  • Musical Intrustments